OK, I admit it.  This is not exactly about climbing or cooking or software, but why…

Roll No Rocks ??

First, the explanation of  “rollnorocks.”  A couple years ago I climbed Longs Peak in Rocky Mountain National Park.  The summit is the size of a soccer field, so there’s a sign that points the way back down.

The sign at the summit of Longs Peak indicating the regular descent route.
The sign at the summit of Longs Peak indicating the regular descent route.

I am still amazed that someone would hike 7 miles and climb to 14,259 feet just to deface a sign.  And also that on this popular destination, there was no one around to kick his/her ass for doing it.  So it goes.  You can see a nicer picture here from 2007 when the sign was newer.

I liked the sentiment (“don’t drop rocks on people below you!”) and decent, short domains names that mean anything are hard to find because of the scurrilous domain name trading companies.  So,

Don’t get me started…

I laughed out loud when I first read about Rails software development because it was “opinionated.”  Well, so am I, and that’s what this blog is about.  Some opinions, some tech tips. OK the tips are often just there to document something for myself so I don’t have to reinvent next time.  But I do find that using Google long-tail searches for tech solutions works rather well, and it’s time for me to start doing my part by adding some hopefully-valuable content.

Thanks for listening.  And sorry, at this time I am not opening anything at all up for comments.  I don’t think I have time to both write and to handle the ensuing discussions (and spam, etc.)