basic_vsftpd cookbook for Chef

Recently I was rebuilding an old “virtual user” vsFTPd server, this time using Chef.  Of course I started by looking for a decent vsftpd cookbook.   There are several popular ones, for example:

  • The vsftpd “supermarket” cookbook might be fine for some users, but it’s not been updated since 2010, and it seems to lack a good way to override most of the default vsftpd.conf settings.
  • TheSerapher’s chef-vsftpd cookbook on github is popular but it’s opinionated with respect to defaults and seems to be aimed at setting up FTP for local users.

I was disappointed that these didn’t suit our needs, and a little bummed I wasted so much time reading the code to figure that out.  But by that time, I was so brushed up on vsftpd config that, against all advice, I started from scratch and created the basic_vsftpd cookbook.

My goal was to create a general purpose cookbook designed on three principles:

  • To be as simple as possible, only about installing vsftpd and nothing else
  • To let you create any possible vsftpd configuration
  • To set no defaults and make no assumptions about the intended use
  • OK, four.  Using code that’s easy to read and understand

In other words, the goal was to create a solid base recipe that is easy to use or extend via a wrapper cookbook.  The pleasing result was that after building/testing this cookbook, using it to deploy a real FTP server was a dream.  I’ve made this a public repo in hopes others will find it useful as well.


“A basic and fully configurable cookbook for the vsftpd package.”  on github, and at the Chef supermarket.


  • default – installs and configures the vsftpd package
  • chroot_list – Creates a chroot_list file for vsftpd
  • userlist – Creates a userlist file for vsftpd


  • user_conf – Creates a user configuration file in the vsftpd user_config_dir directory
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